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I am Noor and am located at Jubilee-Hills area. I am looking for an experienced female tutor who can teach my girl child in a disciplined yet gentle way. Daily homework & test/exam preparation need to be taken care of. My kid is very bright but lagging behind in writing. She basically needs daily practice in learning concepts/class notes & writing. She belongs from KG to 5th class category of CBSE syllabus and the subjects are Maths,Environmental Science,Computers,Phonics And Writing,Home/Project Works,Hindi,English.


Home tuition is required for Maths, Science, Environmental Science,Social Studies, Languages, Computers,Phonics And Writing, Home/Project Works,Hindi,English,Telugu,French i.e all subjects prescribed for Class 3rd and 4th of CBSE syllabus, in Gayatri Hills, Jubilee Hills area.


I am looking for a tutor with at least 5 years teaching experience, for Maths,Physics,Chemistry, Computer Science,Biology,Civics,Economics, Commerce for Intermediate level course of 11,12 MPC,11,12 BIPC,11,12 CEC. I am residing in Jubilee Hills area.


I want an experienced tutor who can also teach basic concepts in Maths, Science for 6th to 10th class level course of CBSE syllabus. I am located at Jubilee Hills area.


I need a tutor for Maths for 6th to 10th class level course of CBSE syllabus. He should be able to teach fluently and make the student understand the concept clearly. I am located at Jubille Hills area.


I need immediate tuition for Intermediate level of spoken Hindi for Hindi qualifying exam. I am located at Jubilee Hills area.


I require home tuition in History for Class 7th of International syllabus, in Jubleehills area.


Required an experienced physics tutor to teach physics advanced level. I am located at Jubilee Hills.


I am located at Jubilee Hills area. My son is 5 years old. He is slow in spellings, phonics. A tutor is needed for him for Maths, Environmental Science, Phonics And Writing, Hindi, English for KG to 5th standard level course of CBSE syllabus.


She is very talkative and concentration is weak. So, I need a good, qualified and experienced teacher for 6th to 10th class level course of CBSE syllabus. She is located at Jubilee Hills area.

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