Home tuition jobs in Ameerpet


He is almost 8 years old and a wonderful child. He needs assistance because both his parents are working. I am located at Ameerpet area. A tutor is required for KG to 5th class level cbse course for Maths,Environmental Science,English,Telugu.


We are located at Ameerpet. My son is a CSE Enineering student. He has backlogs in all semisters. A tutor is needed for Computer Networks,Theory Of Computation,Desing Analysis Of Algori,Data Structures Thru C++,Digital Logic Design,System Analysis And Desig,Integrated Security,Operating Systems,Oops JAVA,Switching Theory, Computer Organization,Distributed Computer & Comm, FLAT, Graph Theory,Discrete Structures, Software Engineering,Data Structure And Algori,Unix,Computer Programming,Advanced Database,Computer Designing, NS, MEFA, PPL,Web Technologies, C - Programming, DBMS,Principle Of Programming ,Linux Programming, Data warehousing and data, All first Year Subjects, Mm, ps,Information Systems,Mobile Computing, Java.


We need a home tutor for Intermediate 11,12 maths of 11,12 MPC in Ameerpet area.


Student is calm, going for studying in Sri Amogha. I need a tutor for Physics for Intermediate of 11,12 MPC.


The course contains subjects like maths, sciences, english, hindi and EVS and the third language is sanskrit. I need a tutor for cbse 6th to 10th class level accordingly.


I need a qualified tutor for preparation of JEE Mains. But I want to improve my performance in Physics.


I require a tutor for Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level, Soft Skills, Spoken English.


I need a tutor for math Olympiad and English writing skills


A good tutor with welll experience in maths and science with English medium back ground, is required for cbse syllabus 6th to 10th class level.


I require a tutor for C Programming.

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